Step into the mind of Charlotte Sullivan, an eternally optimistic puppeteer with the odds against her. She lives in her own world of candy coated catastrophes and make-believe mishaps that cause her to question her goals and even her sanity.

Quiet and unassured, its no surprise that Charlotte has chosen to give voice to a puppet named Molly, a bad bubblegum version of May West.

Using Molly as a mouthpiece in moments that she finds herself too intimated to express her true feelings, Charlotte becomes fixated on living her life as a twosome, no matter how unstable it may seem to those around her.

GODS OF WINE (Web Series)

After suddenly awakening from a two-year "mystery" coma, Ronnie reunites with two of his old theater troop actors in hopes of regaining his life and finding out the details of his accident.

Camille has become a pornstar and Ellie is itching to flee her boring suburban world...and though they seem to know the truth behind what caused Ronnie's coma, they're too busy hiding their own secrets to help deal with his dark and delusional issues.

BENT (Web Series)

In this (almost real) documentary we meet Rocco George...a clueless aging alcoholic actor in New York City who is desperately trying to kick his bad habits and get his life back on track, so he can finally find success after years of failed projects and bit parts.

We are forced to follow him to failed auditions, awkward and hysterical sexual encounter and a such a dysfunctional upbringing that keeps him crippled with insecurity and manic behavior...all resulting in the inevitable indulgence of his addictions.